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Wildflower Beauty & Wellness

Holistic Healing is our passion.

Beauty is our goal.

We believe that a healthy body, mind, and spirit is vital for getting the most out of life. We find beauty in the balance of all aspects of life, and we want to help you find YOUR balance as well.

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Organic Skincare

Our facials include techniques and organic products customized for you.

Waxing & Sugaring

We use only organic beeswax hard wax and organic sugar paste.

Makeup Application

We use a variety of high-end brands, including vegan and plant-based makeup. We support cruelty-free brands.
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Reiki Energy Healing

Energy Healing and practices such as Reiki are based on upon the fundamental belief and scientific fact that everything has energy.

Intuitive Card readings

Card readings often help guide people who feel lost on their path or give direction to those who may not be sure which path to take.

Holistc Coaching

A guide to helping you achieve your Holistic Lifestyle and Spiritual Path coaching.
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Wildflower Beauty & Wellness

What People Are Saying

I’m so glad Milton has an affordable, welcoming, and great esthetician! Hali is so friendly and knows what she is doing! My skin is glowing, and I’m comfortable going out with no makeup on. Everyone needs some pampering from time to time, and Wildflower Beauty & Wellness is the best place to treat yourself!



Today I had my first Reiki energy session with Hali. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am happy with the results. I feel so much lighter. I’ve been able to relax so far today, and my anxiety feels as if it vanished. Thank you, Hali!



Hali did my makeup for a photoshoot! Fantastic work! I highly recommend using her if you need your makeup done. She was so nice and fun to chat with. I will be using her for all my future shoots.



Seriously had the most amazing Reiki energy healing session yesterday at Wildflower Beauty & Wellness with the talented Hali Gaines! I have suffered from anxiety for years, and I am happy to say I have not had the tiniest bit of anxiety since she rebalanced my chakras. I feel mentally focused with a newfound clarity in my thoughts. If stress and anxiety get the best of you, I suggest making an appointment. Hali is, HANDS DOWN, the best!



Thank you for using all your magical treatments on my skin yesterday. Reiki Healing and a facial at the same time are pure magic! I can already see signs of healing.



Hali helped clear my energy paths, which has helped me to connect the dots in so many aspects of life. I feel more present in my day, making it easier to accept and acknowledge the blessings around me. Physically, I feel much better! My once constant joint pain has ceased; I also feel lighter and cleaner.



Hali is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with her today and learning more about my FIRST EVER facial. I like to know what’s going on, and she was very thorough and professional while also being extremely personable and sweet. I now feel like I have known Hali for ages, and I am so grateful for my experience today. My skin feels fantastic and ALIVE. Even my boyfriend complimented me this evening and said my skin looked very healthy.


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Wildflower Update

Update on Baby being at work with me.

Magic Baby is getting older which means things are moving faster and louder sometimes!

I’m excited to share that I have help with childcare now and it has allowed me to be more focused on client time and returning back to those deep, luscious sessions that let you float away for a while. We definitely had some of those while Baby was present but this new age is showing new needs and more space needed for me, for Baby, and for clients.

I AM RETURNING TO MORE AVAILABILITY for longer facial sessions, energy work, remote energy work, etc.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me during this season of newness and adjustments. Thank you for choosing to support small businesses and understanding the growth and changes that can come with it (bc we are human too). Thank you for supporting me while I took the time to be a dedicated mommy to a new baby.

  • Please note that if I make a special accommodation for your appt or make last-minute changes to accommodate you, I might not have childcare.
  • For short or small waxing/sugaring appointments, or during the slow season I might have Baby with me.
  • If you are on a strict time schedule, need super exclusive attention, have aversions to any particular scents, or have other special needs, always make note of that in the notes section when you book your appointment or you can text it to me.

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