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Intuitive Card Readings

Oracle or Tarot Cards can be used as tools of Divination for Spirit/Source Energy to speak to us about what our subconscious mind/psyche may be harboring. Card readings can often help guide people who feel lost on their path or give direction to those who may not be sure which path to take. It is often compared to someone flipping through the pages of their Bible to see what message God chooses for them today.

The card readings we offer are ONLY for messages of love, light, and for your HIGHEST GOOD. We set intentions for spiritual protection and guidance, and we seek a healing message.  I have clients from all backgrounds, religions, and belief systems, and the cards prove useful for anyone who may feel desiring a reading.

This service is available in-person or online/distance and includes a detailed consultation. The Card Reader connects with your energy and performs the reading just the same.

Please bring your phone (silenced) or voice recorder to record notes. I allow pictures to be taken of cards and I also share what the books written for each deck say about each card. I want everyone to get as much out of the reading as they want!

Please see Full Price List.

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