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Organic, Holistic Skincare


We begin by getting you cozy in a tranquil room of color and peace…
Aromatherapy intuitively chosen for your needs begins to ease your tension as you begin to relax…
Calm music of soothing vibrations fills your ears…
Your skin glows and rejuvenates while you relax and indulge in things that make your soul melt…


Facials include products and techniques that are selected and customized for your skin type and condition on the day of your appointment. We may include the following therapies depending on your special requests and the amount of time we have available with which to work:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Heated bedding for added comfort and relief of muscle-tension
  • Guided meditation or visualizations to enhance your mental state for stress-relief purposes
  • Scalp massage to open your energy points and channels
  • Skin analysis and consultation
  • Use of hot towels and steam therapy
  • Cleansing/nourishing/moisturizing your skin using herbal and plant-based products (we use Si Jin Bao, Blissoma, and Jessa Skincare)
  • Professional exfoliation using gentle enzymes
  • Extractions (we only extract using safe tools and only if your skin is ready to release)
  • Energy Healing techniques to help your facial Qi flow, bringing a natural glow and self-healing enhancement to your personal energy field (Reiki)
  • Gua Sha facial massage using smoothed precious stones
  • Therapeutic hot stones
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine healing and acupressure techniques
  • Arm, hand, or foot massage to aid in stress relief and opening of energetic channels
  • The use and application of professional skin care machine equipment and modalities
  • Back facials include “raindrop therapy” using a carrier oil with essential oils chosen for your specific needs

Please let us know if you have any allergies, pain, or injuries before your session so we can make you as comfortable & safe as possible.

Services performed will be of a better benefit and capacity if you are not wearing any makeup or need to keep your makeup intact. Many of my clients express feeling deeply relaxed after their sessions, so please plan on having a gentle day after your visit.

For facials, clients are asked to undress to their comfort level while using a robe that I provide so that only their shoulders, neck, and face are exposed. A sheet (and blanket if requested) is also provided for your comfort and modesty.

Please silence your phone during your session.

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