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Organic, Holistic Skincare


We begin by getting you cozy in a tranquil room of color and peace…
Aromatherapy intuitively chosen for your needs begins to ease your tension as you begin to relax…
Calm music of soothing vibrations fills your ears…
Your skin glows and rejuvenates while you relax and indulge in things that make your soul melt…


During the course of my practice and learning about skin, I have observed that the way a person feels internally and emotionally highly affects the physical appearance of their skin and face. In my new menu, many of my classic services have been revitalized and refreshed to come from a perspective of using more energy work to heal the skin than I have in the past. I still use high-quality botanical-based skin care, and add even more love into the facials I provide. I am fully embracing my skills & training in Energy Work and allowing myself to provide services that showcase the connection of body, mind, and spirit and sharing that with my clients. When you feel better about yourself, people can see it on your face. When the Energy is focused, the Physical will follow.

Some facials are more focused on Physical detox and others are more focused on Energetic detox – but all facials have some of both. If you want to learn more about Energy Work/Healing, please text me your questions, as I realize it can seem intimidating to some who have not experienced it. Energy Work is best for those who are open to co-creation, a higher power, and/or alternative healing modalities. All Religious backgrounds, races, genders, are welcomed – I am not trying to convert anyone. My intention is to connect you back to your inner beautiful Light, your Divine guidance, and your best Self. When your inner Light shines, your face GLOWS and your skin is RADIANT.

Scalp massage and Lymphatic flow are also very important for Holistic skincare. Each Facial includes a scalp massage and many facials offer treatments for the extremities or skin over most of the body for this reason.

All Facials include: consultation about your skin, high-quality botanical based skin care,  scalp massage, exclusive professional grade products, hot towels, aromatherapy, steam therapy, sound healing, Energy healing for soul detoxing & repair, guided mediations, skincare plan suggestions, Holisitic lifestyle suggestions to support your skin, and skin loving affirmations to carry with you.

Healing Facials are extremely relaxing and detoxifying. It is highly recommended to have a relaxing or easy day/evening planned after your service, as well as drinking plenty of water and eating fresh, healthy foods.

Please silence your phone during your session.

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