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Preparing for your bikini wax —

Do not shave or trim the area for at least 10-14 days before your appointment. 

Before your appointment, please shower or wash/cleanse the area to be waxed /sugared. We provide baby wipes for freshening up. 

Do not use any lotions or oils on the areas to be waxed/sugared.

For best and SAFEST results, plan to allow the waxed area to heal and “breathe” for 2-3 days. This means no:

  • Tight clothing or underwear
  • Sun exposure to the area for 48 hours 
  • Exposure to water (except to shower), including the beach, river, and bath (Epsom salt bath ok) for 48 hours.

Under no circumstances are children and guests are not allowed in the treatment room.

New Wax: $40 / Duration: 30 minutes | Touch-up: $33 / Duration: 30 minutes.

Touch-up Pricing – You must have been previously waxed or sugared in the same area within the last four weeks (or a previously determined schedule) by me.

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