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Space Holding Session – 60 Minutes

Designed to remind you of your power and your inner wisdom, Space Holding sessions create a safe space to open oneself up to new thought patterns with someone to listen in a safe space.

This service was formerly and lovingly provided under “Coaching Sessions.” Coaching, however, has a “one teacher, many students” tone, which never resonated with me. We are all students and teachers. I decided to change the name to “Space Holding Sessions” because people sometimes need to open up to new thought patterns in a space with someone who will listen and who will hold a safe space.

In these sessions, I provide a safe space to listen to what you have going on or what blocks you feel you may have, and I provide feedback or guidance based on intuition or energetic reading of your field. If stress or trauma arises during the conversation, I will also teach you methods of focusing back into peace using guided meditations or other modalities.

I also like for each client to feel empowered to continue the work after they leave here so that they can begin their journey of knowing how to work with energy and self-healing. Sometimes these sessions contain mixed modalities depending on what is needed for the day. We will customize your session to fit your current need with a mix of energy healing/Reiki, sound healing, guided meditation, channeled guidance, conversation, or book suggestions.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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